8th NBO Officers’ Seminar


At the end of January, 64 delegates from 31 countries attended the 8th EBL NBO Officers’ Seminar at the Centro Giulio Onesti Acqua Acetosa in Rome. In 20 sessions spread over four days the delegates enjoyed presentations by leading figures from the world of bridge, including WBF President Gianarrigo Rona and WBF President Emeritus, José Damiani.

The four action packed days featuring 20 presentations on a wide variety of topics provided the delegates with much food for thought and saw the emergence of manyimportant ideas.

Start planning now for the 9th edition in 2018!

Results of the EBL Survey – Paul Porteous & Simon Fellus
Sweden, Recognition IOC – Micke Melander
Cyprus, Recognition, a succesful case – Rena Livera
EBU, England in progress – Jeremy Dhondy
Presence in Sport Organisation – Josef Harsanyi
Social Media – Simon Fellus
Bridge in the Press and on the Internet – Mark Horton
Website/Communication – Laura Woodruff
P.R. South/Eastern Europe – Jurica Caric
P.R. North/Western Europe – Micke Melander
School Program – Oryah Meir & Sevinc Atay
Promotion of Bridge Sport – Jose Damiani
International Organizations – Jose Damiani
A Case Study: Lazio Bridge Committee – Simon Fellus
Learn to promote bridge – Gilad Ofir
Bridge 60+ – Marek Malysa
Promotion, Marketing – Jafet Olafsson
World Bridge Games 2016 – Radek Kielbasinki
EBL Statutes – Eitan Levy & Paul Porteous
Retaining Club Members – Eric Laurant
WBF Development – Gianarrigo Rona
Unesco Letter
President Report about Cheating