Conditions of Contest

These General Conditions of Contest (GCoC) are the standard regulations which apply toall European  Bridge  Championships  and  other  tournaments  held  under  the  auspices  of  the European Bridge League (EBL).
The EBL Eligibility Code, the EBL Disciplinary Code, the EBL  Dress  Code,
the EBL Anti-Doping Regulations, the  EBL  Systems  Policy,  the  EBL  Alerting  Policy, the EBL Policy on Psychic Bidding, the  EBL  Bidding  Box,  Bridgemate  and  Screen  Regulations  and  the  EBL  Code of Practice are part of the Conditions of Contest for every European Bridge Championship
and are annexed to GCoC.
The  EBL  also  issues  Supplemental  Conditions  of  Contest  (SCoC)  further  to  regulate  any European Bridge Championships in accordance with their characteristics.

General Conditions
EBL General Conditions of Contest
EBL Regulations for Bidding Boxes, Bridgemates, and Screens
Latest Changes to EBL Regulations for Bidding Boxes, Bridgemates, and Screens
EBL Competitors Commitment

Supplementary for specific events
Ostend Teams 2018
Ostend Women & Seniors Pairs 2018
Opatija Youth 2018
Samorin Youth 2017
Montecatini Open 2017
Riga Champions’ Cup 2017