General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest governing body of the League. It is composed of delegates of the National Bridge Organizations (NBOs) who must be officers of the NBO they represent. Each NBO is entitled to be represented by one delegate to the General Assembly. Participation in the General Assembly and the right to vote is given to NBOs which are not in a position of res­ig­na­tion, suspension or striking off.

General Assemblies are of an Ordinary and Extraordinary type.

The Ordinary General Assembly is held every two years in the even numbered years. In the years coinciding with the Winter Olympics the business of the Ordinary General Assembly will include the election of the EBL President and all twelve members of the EBL Executive Committee.

An Extraordinary General Assembly may be called by the Executive Committee when deemed nec­es­sary.

The EBL General Assembly will be held on Saturday 9th June at 10 AM at the Andromeda Hotel, Ostend. The election of the EBL President and the EBL Executive Committee Members will take place during the Assembly.
Details are included in the attached 1st Convocation Letter, with voting entitlement appended.

1st Convocation Letter
Membership Figures Voting List
Elections for President and Executive Committee
EBL List of candidates

2014 EBL Extraordinary General Assembly | Opatija, Croatia, 29 July 2014
2014 EBL Ordinary General Assembly | Opatija, Croatia, 01 July 2014
2014 EBL President’s Report | Opatija, Croatia, 29 June 2014
2012 EBL Ordinary General Assembly | Dublin, Ireland, 27 June 2012
2010 EBL Ordinary General Assembly | Ostend, Belgium, 27 June 2010
2008 EBL Ordinary General Assembly | Pau, France, 22 June 2008
2003 EBL Ordinary General Assembly | Menton, France, 17 & 19 June 2003