Dress Code

In the European Open, Women, Seniors, Mixed, Youth and Under 31 Teams Championships the following dress code applies.

General Policy
The whole team, including the Captain, Coach and NBO Officers must wear the same uniform. Thus trousers (and skirts) and tops must be of the same colour and general design. The team uniform must contain the logo of the country and may contain discreet sponsor logos.

Award Ceremonies
Dress Code for winning teams and players (includes players, captains, head of delegations) for awards ceremonies.
Business casual (European standards), which means long trousers or pants, shirt or polo, jacket, with or without tie (if possible: no t-shirts, no sports shoes or sneakers or slippers, no hats or caps) and the equivalent style for women players, including dresses or skirts of reasonable length and not shorter than five centimeters above knees.
All outfits with offensive or discriminatory text will be banned. All beachwear is prohibited. All ski outfits are prohibited.

During Play
Tee shirts, polo shirts, shirts and blouses all of the same colour with the team’s logo indicating the country, and trousers and skirts all of the same colour.
Team members must be supplied with changes of clothing so that they look smart at all times. Women may wear skirts or trousers.
If sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts are used they must be of the same colour and carry the team logo. Team members cannot wear shorts or open-toed sandals.

The team uniform must contain the logo of the country and may contain discreet sponsor logos.

N.B. The World Bridge Federation’s dress code is as follows:

‘NBOs are asked to take note of the recognition of Bridge as a Sport by the IOC and requests that players should, at all times, be dressed appropriately; this is particularly the case at the Opening Ceremony, when it is hoped that teams could at least be uniformly dressed even if a team uniform is not available. During play appropriate dress would, for example, be an open-necked shirt, or a smart polo or sweatshirt worn with trousers or skirt as appropriate.’

Approved by the EBL Executive Committee, March 2001