TD Training

This section contains material related to Tournament Direction. Available subsections are:

Courses for Tournament Directors are organized every few years by the EBL in order to train TDs who have already proved themselves at national level. The section provides all available material used in the courses, from preliminary information to lecture notes, tests and exercises, and results achieved by the participants.
Objectives The primary objectives of the Course are:
a) to support the NBOs in their activity of training and updating the knowledge of Tournament Directors;
b) to offer the NBO Tournament Directors the possibility to improve their professional knowledge and practice in the technique of directing, to learn the correct behaviour and approach to the table, to increase their knowledge of the International Code, Code of Practice, Laws, Rules & Regulations;
c) to offer the NBO Tournament Directors the opportunity to achieve the title of NBO International Tournament Director and to be registered in the EBL Official Tournament Director Register.

Seminars for Tournament Directors are organized every few years by the EBL in order to give qualified Tournament Directors the opportunity to meet and discuss issue s
of interpretation and Law application , in particular following updates and revisions of the Laws of Bridge.
It is expected that participating TDs will conduct courses explaining the updates and revisions to TDs in their home NBOs.

Workshops Starting 2011, the EBL Executive Committee decided to develop its Tournament Directors Training Programme by starting a series of EBL TD Workshops. These workshops are designed for TDs who are not on the Official TD Register of the EBL. The aim is to support local TD training in the NBOs by improving the knowledge and synchronizing the work and methodology of TDs. Special care will be taken to improve the TD’s work in the small federations. The language of instruction is English, and a working knowledge of English is required.