Eligibility Code

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Article 1 General Principles
1.1 The EBL Eligibility Code applies to all those who wish to participate in any EBL Championship or Competition (collectively referred to as “EBL Events”). The EBL organises Events that are either representative in nature or open to all NBO Registered Players (“Transnational”). EBL Representative Events are restricted to participants (“participants” (in this particular regard only) – such term shall include a player or non-playing captain representing their NBO/Country but not a coach, trainer and/or other team official).
EBL Representative Events include Zonal Competitions that lead to qualification for a EBL Representative Event.

1.2 To be eligible for participation in EBL Events, all participants must sign the EBL Participants Commitment Declaration confirming that they accept and will abide by all EBL Rules & Regulations and applicable laws. No participant shall act for more than one Federation in any EBL Event.

1.3 All participants must be either a National or a Bona Fide Resident (“BFR” as set forth in section 3 below) of the Country of the NBO that they represent.

1.4 No participant may represent another Country in a EBL Representative Event until at least 2 subsequent calendar years (January 1st to December 31st) have passed without a specific proposal from the EBL Credentials Committee based on an extraordinary situation (such as war, revolution, or natural disaster) and subject to approval by the EBL Executive Council.

1.5 All matters relating to the determination of the Country that a participant may represent in the above-mentioned events shall be resolved by the EBL Credentials Committee, in accordance with article 48.3 of the EBL By-Laws.

1.6 For the avoidance of doubt, the participation and accreditation to any EBL Event is by strict personal invitation and may be denied for such reason as the Credentials Committee in its absolute discretion may determine.

1.7 Prospective participants with pending charges, in respect of bridge matters, may be liable to a Provisional Suspension in accordance with the provisions of article 6.4(d) of the EBL Disciplinary Code but subject to article 7.1 of that code.

1.8 Prospective participants who have been convicted of collusive cheating are not eligible to play as the partner or team-mate of another participant who has also been convicted of collusive cheating.

Article 2 Multiple Nationality
2.1 A participant who is a National of two or more countries at the same time may represent one of them, as he may elect; such election is deemed to have occurred by his representation of a Country either as a National or as a BFR. Having represented one Country in a EBL Representative Event, he may not represent another Country unless he meets the conditions set forth in section 1.4 and where relevant sections 3.1 to 3.4.

Article 3 Bona Fide Residents
3.1 To be considered a BFR, a non-citizen is required to submit appropriate documentation to prove that he is a BFR. Failing to so establish that fact will result in a denial of an invitation by the EBL Credentials Committee.

3.2 The requirements to prove that a player is BFR of the Country of the NBO approved by the EBL Executive Council are an integral part of this Code.

3.3 The choice to represent a Country as a BFR may be made only once in any 10-year period except as approved by the EBL Executive Council and is subject to the limitations of Section 2.1 above.

3.4 A participant having represented one Country in a World Championship, or in any event above mentioned at point 1.3, can represent his new country provided that at least two subsequent calendar years have passed since the competitor last represented his former country.

Article 4 Age Restrictions & Gender
4.1 There is no age limit for participants in the EBL Representative Events in the Open, Women and Mixed categories.

4.2 Participants playing in Youth Events are subject to the relevant Age Restrictions contained within the General and/or Supplemental Conditions of Contest published from time to time by the EBL on its website.

4.3 Participants playing in Seniors events are subject to a minimum age requirement specified in the schedule below:

4.4 From 1st January 2018, a Senior player must have achieved the age of 61 in the year of the Championship in which he is going to play

  • From 1st January 2020 this minimum age requirement will be raised to 62
  • From 1st January 2022 this minimum age requirement will be raised to 63
  • From1st January 2024 this minimum age requirement will be raised to 64
  • From 1st January 2026 this minimum age requirement will be raised to 65

4.5 The gender of the participant is to be taken as that shown on their valid ID/Passport

Article 5 Invitations and Entries
5.1 Invitations to EBL Events shall be extended only by the EBL.

5.2 Only NBOs recognised by the EBL and in good standing may submit entries for participants in EBL Representative Events.

5.3 NBOs are responsible for ensuring that all participants registered by them for participation in EBL Representative Events are compliant with this Eligibility Code. NBOs are expected to adopt high ethical standards for their players. In particular, the essence of fair play is fundamental to participation in competitive sport. The opportunity to represent one’s Country should be regarded as a privilege. NBOs should establish policies and incorporate regulations to ensure that only those who meet the high standards required for fair play will be selected to play in Representative Events.

5.4 For participants in Transnational Events, NBOs are responsible for notifying the EBL if those participants are not in good standing with the NBO; a participant who is subject to pending ethical violation charges, for bridge related matters, is deemed not to be in good standing.

Article 6 Youth and Transnational Events
6.1 The definitions of Youth Events and Transnational Events are stated in the latest General Conditions of Contest published on the EBL website.

6.2 Those players nominated for participation in Representative Youth Events are not subject to the eligibility conditions set forth in Articles 1.3, 1.4, 2 and 3 above, subject to a demonstrable physical link with that Country (for example, but not limited to, by virtue of their presence for schooling, study, training or relocation for work purposes).

Article 7 Violations
7.1 Violations of this Eligibility Code are subject to the EBL Disciplinary Code. If one or more members of a team are deemed to have been ineligible as provided for in this Code (including any qualifying event), the entire team shall be disqualified by the EBL Disciplinary Commission.

Article 8 Interpretation
8.1 Whenever the context indicates, the masculine gender shall encompass the feminine and neuter, and the singular shall encompass the plural, or vice versa. The headings are solely for organisation, convenience and clarity. They do not define, limit or describe the scope of this Eligibility Code or the intent in any of the provisions.

Article 9 Effective Date
9.1 The EBL Eligibility Code as amended becomes effective on 24 March 2023.

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