The EBL Systems Policy, Alerting Policy and Psychic Bidding Guidelines are similar to the WBF’s, with few important differences:

  • Systems Policy is the complete set of regulations concerning the use of systems and conventions in EBL championships. The Systems Policy has been updated. The most important change is in the definitions of Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Systems. Other important changes include the review and recording of classifications (Section 2) and an appendix detailing classification decisions. The section “Definitions” has been deleted and values are now described in terms of Milton Work points.
  • Alerting Policy is the complete set of regulations concerning alerting in EBL championships.
  • Psyching Bidding Guidelines provide information of what is expected of psyching players in EBL championships. Please note that In EBL Category 3 events psychic conventional opening bids are prohibited.
  • EBL Systems Committee lists the persons currently comprising the Committee.

The European Bridge League also has established a Standard Card for all EBL Championships.