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European National Championships

One of the primary objectives of the European Bridge League (EBL) is the organisation of European Championships.
The various current championships are listed below. Please note that the European Team Championships for National Teams in the Open, Women and Seniors categories (last held 2016 in Budapest, Hungary) can be found under “Team Open/Women/Senior” in an attempt to avoid confusion with the “European Open Championships” (the event last held 2017 in Montecatini, Italy and where the “Open Teams” competition is transnational and unlimited).

The current cycle of championships is as follows:

  • Open, Women and Seniors Teams: Held every even-numbered year.
  • Mixed Teams, Open, Women, Seniors and Mixed Pairs: Held every odd-numbered year.
  • Youth Teams: Held every odd-numbered year.
  • Youth Pairs: Held every even-numbered year.