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   53rd European Bridge Team Championships


France won Gold medal in the Open Series after leading for the last week, with Sweden claiming the Silver and Netherlands the Bronze. Joining the European line-up qualified for the Bermuda Bowl 2017 in Lyon, France, are Monaco, Germany, Italy and Bulgaria. 



England won Gold in the Women's Series, Silver medalists France with Poland claiming the Bronze. Completing the line-up for the Venice Cup in Lyon are Russia, Israel, Netherlands and Sweden.



Israel won the Gold medal in the Seniors' Series, with Sweden taking the Silver and the Bronze going to Poland. Turkey, Italy, France and Austria complete the seven European teams to participate in the d'Orsi Senior Trophy next year.




   Small Federations Games 2016

Next edition of the Small Federations Games will be held in the wonderful Importanne Resort,, in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 2nd – 4th November 2016. 

The Open Croatian Championships will continue on 5th & 6th November and all participants in the Small Federations Games are invited to participate.

    Tournament Director Workshop

A tournament director workshop will take place in Athens, Greece from 2/2/17 to 5/2/17.

The course is for TDs who are not on the Official TD Register of the EBL. The aim is to support local TD training in the NBOs by improving the knowledge and synchronizing the work and methodology of TDs. The language of the workshop is English.

The cost of the Workshop, including accommodation and full board, is Euro 350. Further details will be published on this site and sent to the NBOs in July.

Liepaja 2016

The 13th European Youth Bridge Pairs Championships will be held at Liepajas Olympic Centre, Latvia from 12th to 17th of July 2016. The Championships will include the four series: U26, U26 Women, U21 and U16. Mixed Pairs and all four series are for National Pairs.

Please inform Mme. Catherine Vitry ( concerning your flight details so she can arrange for the shuttle service from Riga Airport to Liepaja.

Click here to go to the Registration Page.

Click here to go to the Camp Registration Page.

Attention is drawn to the Competitor's Commitment Form and Parental Consent Form (for participants under 18) that must be signed by each participant. Please send the forms to Mrs. Catherine Vitry:

EUROPEAN YOUTH BRIDGE CAMP: Following the success of the Youth Camp in Burghausen 2014, these Championships will be followed by a three-day Camp with the aim of improving players' abilities and relationships.

Click Here for further information and details. Visit to check info and programme.

Deadline to register: 20th of June 2016.      

2nd Bridge Coach Seminar

The 13th European Youth Bridge Pairs Championships, in Latvia, will be the opportunity for all volunteers and professionals working actively with Youth to improve their skills and to share experiences across European NBOs.

Participants have only to pay their travel because the Seminar is free of charge. Questions and Registration to Catherine Vitry via email: latest the 20th of June 2016.

Click here to check the Seminar's Programme and visit                                        

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