Presentations Made at the 2014 EBL Officers’ Seminar

Video Interview with Eitan Levy
Presentation on the Development of the EBL – Yves Aubry, EBL President
Development Presentation (powerpoint slides) – Yves Aubry, EBL President
Speech made by Stephan Mayer, Member of the German Bundestag **New
Bridge and Mind Sports in Germany – Ulrich Wenning **New
Video made during the Seminar ** New
Brain Doping in Amateur Sport – a BBC report
BBO Germany – Josef Harsanyi
Bridge @ Internet – Sevinc Atay
Bridge on Internet – Pim Vaders
CONI-EU-FIGB Teaching Program (including Annexe) G. Medugno/FIGB and G. Bianucci/M&C company
Using Social Media to attract Youth – Jan Kamras
The Czech Bridge Federation – Milan Macura
EBL Championship Format – Jan Kamras
FFB-TV Campaign – Patrick Bogacki
FISU – University Bridge – Geert Magerman
History and publicity of Bridge – Andras Booc
Israel PR Campaign – Oryah Meir
Presentation from the WBF President (including Annexes), Gianarrigo Rona
Teaching Bridge @Internet – Gilad Ofir
Teaching Activities in the Netherlands – Eric Laurant
Tournament Director Training – Josef Harsanyi
The Recruit – Teaching Manual
The Recruit – Student Material
Tromsoe 2015 – the Norwegian Bridge Federation, Jan Aasen, President and Knut Brinchmann, Secretary General
Youth Bridge – Milan Macura
Youth Bridge – Radek Kielbasinski
Youth Bridge Development – A report to the WBF Executive Council