Gilad Ofir

Gilad Ofir, born in 1983, living in Haifa Israel, is married with two children.
He was elected as a member of the EBL’s Executive Committee in Ostend in 2018.
Gilad was first introduced to Bridge at the age of 10 as a pupil in the Israeli Bridge Federation (IBF) school project, and has played bridge since then. He was a member of the Israeli International Youth Team and has won medals in the European and World Championships, both as a player and as captain.
Gilad has been an active Israeli Bridge Federation (IBF) board member since 2006 and has served as the National Sports Captain, Treasurer and finally as Chairman (since 2015).
His international activities commenced when he was invited by the EBL and the WBF to give a lecture on “Youth Training”.
He also acts as the Chairman of the EBL’s Youth Committee as well as being an active member of a number of other related committees.