2025 European Transnational Championships


The EBL President Eric Laurant visited lately Poznań, host of 2025 European Transnational Championships. As he said:

I was very positively surprised and impressed during my Poznań visit. Compared with 2011 it looked like a complete new city center and the ultra modern venue and our professional team of local organizers guarantee a perfect European championship.

In fact the International Poznan Fair offers a fantastic venue surrounded by a rich offer of restaurants, hotels, B&B accommodations and hostels. It’s waiting to welcome players from all over the world next year in June. On picture Eric Laurant is playing with the Polish Bridge Union President Marek Michałowski at the Poznań Bridge Congress where Championships will be held.

A couple of days after Eric’s visit Marek Michałowski and the PBU Vice President Igor Chalupec signed agreements with the International Poznan Fair (the “IPF”) and City of Poznan on cooperation on the European Championships. Below see from the left: Deputy President and President of the IPF: Mrs Elżbieta Roeske and Tomasz Kobierski, Mayor of Poznan Mr Jacek Jaśkowiak and PBU Presidents: Marek Michałowski and Igor Chalupec.

European Championships will be held between June 21st and July 5th 2025.