Innovative Dummy Play Training


Hello, my name is Krzysztof Martens,

And I want to help you elevate your bridge game! With a rich background as a player, coach, and author, I am now stepping into the role of a mentor—an experienced and trusted adviser. I am eager to share my wealth of experience with you. While I can’t guarantee immediate improvement in your bridge results, I promise you’ll discover a new, practical approach to solving bridge problems.

The series of webinars I’m excited to present will cover dummy play, defense, and bidding. The aim of these 2-hour sessions is to introduce you to alternative problem-solving methods. By adopting a structured approach, you’ll learn how to optimally utilize the average 7.5 minutes per bridge hand.

I’m planning to conduct over 25 webinars starting on the 25th of April. Everyone is welcome to join the first two sessions free of charge. All you need to do is visit and register for the webinar. Don’t worry about fitting it into your busy schedule; all sessions will be recorded and available the day after the live presentation.

Come join my webinar series and let me guide you as your mentor in the world of bridge!

Krzysztof Martens