Serbia win the 15th European Small Federation Games


The 15th European Small Federation Games were held in Tallinn (Estonia), from October 25 to October 27.
With only one round remaining Monaco appeared to be in a strong position, but there are no easy matches in a major championship and Boznia and Herzegovina scored a big win that knocked their opponents not only from the top of the table but also off the podium. The overnight leaders Faroe Islands had a tough series of fixtures and they too fell short of the podium. Lithuania and Hungary were the teams to take their chances and appear on the rostrum.
Pride of place goes to Serbia, who won all five matches today to retain the title they won last year in Larnaca, becoming the first country to achieve the feat. It was the only time during the event that they topped the table. This victory gives them a spot in the 2024 Champions Cup.

1st place: Serbia (Boris ALTMAN, Goran RADISIC, Mihailo SIMIC, Olga SIMIC, Veljko VUJCIC, Dimitraki ZIPOVSKI)

2nd place: Lithuania (Andrei ARLOVICH, Boguslaw GIERULSKI, Wojtek OLANSKI, Jerzy SKRZYPCZAK, Erikas VAINIKONIS, Vytautas VAINIKONIS)

3rd place: Hungary (Zsolt ARGAY, Gyorgy KEMENY, Mark KEMENY, Peter TRENKA, Gyorgy KEMENY)

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