Open Teams, Open Pairs, Women’s Pairs, BAM Teams Winners


By virtue of a terrific performance in the last session it was Vinciguerra, Thomas Bessis, Marc Bompis, Cedric Lorenzini, Franck Multon, Philippe Soulet & Herve Vinciguerra who captured the European Transnational Open Teams title.

The runners-up were France Green, Julien Bernard, Alain Levy, Nicolas Lhuissier, Eric Mauberquez, Jerome Rombaut, & Leo Rombaut, with Vinci, Giovanni Donati, Giorgio Duboin, Fabrizio Hugony, Lorenzo Lauria, Alfredo Versace, Francesco Saverio Vinci & Alessandro Piana (npc) and Lankveld, Wubbo De Boer, Agnes Snellers, Berend Van Den Bos & Joris Van Lankveld finishing third.

In the Open Pairs Final, Sabine Auken and Roy Welland became the first pair to win this event twice, having also won in 2013. Eliran Argelazie and Lee Rosenthal took silver and Boye Brogeland and Christian Bakke bronze.

In the Women’s Pairs Dilek Yavas and Hatice Ozgur took the title ahead of Cathy & Sophia Baldysz followed by Fiona Brown and Helen Erichsen.

The winners of the Open/Women Final B were Ahu Zobu and Mustafa Akhun.

The BAM went to Pepsi, Nikos Delimpaltadakis, Andrzej Jaszczak, Jacek Pszczola, Vassilis Vroustis & Kiki Ward-Platt, with France Purple, Jean-Luc Aroix, Bénédicte Cronier, Philippe Cronier, Wilfried Librecht, Franck Riehm & Jeremie Tignel second and Daisy Chain with Dennis Bilde, Pierre Franceschetti, Agustin Madala, Quentin Robert, Hilda Setton third.