TD Workshop – October 2023


The EBL is delighted to announce that the next TD Workshop will be held in the Hotel Monika Centrum, Riga, Latvia from 5 to 8 October 2023.

The Tournament Director Workshops are designed for TDs who are not on the Official TD Register of the EBL. The aim is to support local NBO TD training by improving the knowledge and synchronizing the work and methodology of TDs.

The language of instruction is English, and a working knowledge of English is required. Participants who are successful in the Workshops will be invited to the next Max Bavin TD Course in 2025 where they will have the opportunity of achieving the level of EBL Director.

EBL TD Workshop – 1st info letter
Application form – APP1
Application form – APPA

For further information, please contact or Dimitri Ballas