Coming to Strasbourg by Car?


Then you need to buy a Crit’Air sticker before you arrive in Strasbourg.

From January 2023, only cars displaying a Crit’Air sticker 1,2,3 or 4 and electric cars with a green sticker, are authorized to circulate in the Strasbourg and Eurométropole area.

The Crit’Air sticker is mandatory to allow your car to circulate within this area.

To buy your Crit’Air sticker, go to and choose the section (order a certificate)
Price – €3.72 per vehicle

After payment and within 24 hours, you will receive by email the confirmation of online payment with a copy of the certificate that you will be able to show in case of inspection. (you receive the sticker within 10 days).
Inspections are randomly carried out.

For those hiring a rental car, please contact your rental agency for advice on how to buy your Crit’Air sticker.