University Nicolaus Copernicus and the Foundation ”Bridge to the People” organise the INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE AGEING WELL – ACTIVE AGING that will be held in Toruń – Poland on 21 and 22 March 2023. Bridge will be one of the main topics.

About the conference:



Toruń – Poland 2023.03.21-22

According to the World Health Organisation, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Ageing well emphasises the notion that people can maintain satisfying and healthy lives as they age, by exercising the choices that optimise healthy, active, and secure lives.

The conference will focus on three aspects of ageing well:

  1. Body: the role of physical activity in maintaining physical health as a senior.
  2. Mind: the role of mental sports in maintaining mental health in old age.
  3. Relationships: the role of play and game in maintaining healthy senior relationships.

The most essential goal of ageing is satisfaction with your life. This can be achieved in several ways. One of them is to take care of your body. If you desire a healthy body, you have to be active, eat a nutritious diet, and keep fit. People doing sports have greater abilities to do things and consequent happiness.

The second important aspect of ageing is your mind. Unfortunately, we don’t realise how important your mental health is. And the way to ensure good mental health is to adopt a mental sport like bridge. Engaging in mental sports makes the brain more alert, active and efficient, ensuring good mental health in old age.

And last but not least important concerning ageing is relationships. Maintaining relationships and connections benefits seniors in numerous ways. As people age, they tend to slow down socially and go out infrequently or not at all. So, it is extremely important for seniors to cultivate strong relationships. Relationships are thus key to mental and physical health.

The University Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń and Foundation ”Bridge to the People” is pleased to invite you to a conference on ”Ageing Well – Active Aging”. This meeting offers you the opportunity to be a part of a discussion platform about the aforesaid crucial issues, from a modern and scientific viewpoint. Our presentations will offer you diverse perspectives on the problems relating to ageing.