EBL Women’s Teams Online Series


Poland competed strongly and won the EBL Women’s Teams April series. The team captained by Mirek Cichocki won all but two of their matches. Runners up were Germany, captained by Julius Linde and France, captained by Véronique Bessis, finished in 3rd place.

Full Results can be found here

This event was in preparation for the likely virtual qualification for the World Championships. President Jan Kamras, who appeared on Zoom afterwards, said that there should be some definite news about the Championships and qualification very soon.
Congratulations to all involved in the event!

EBL Team
EBL Women’s Organiser, Mary Kelly Rogers
With Catherine Vitry, Anna Gudge
Fotis Skoularikis, Francesca Canali, Fearghal O’Boyle

RealBridge TEAM
Tournament Director, Vigfús Pálsson
RealBridge Consultant, Shireen Mohandes