Revelation of cheating at online bridge events


The EBL has taken note of confessions made on social media by several players of having cheated repeatedly during privately organised online bridge events.
Even though the events involved were not held under the auspices of the EBL, we want to make it absolutely clear that:

– the EBL strongly condemns cheating in all forms of bridge, irrespective of where it occurs;
– the EBL expects impeccable ethics especially by world class players, who are the most visible ambassadors for our beloved sport;
– the EBL will support, and cooperate with, all serious efforts to combat cheating; to this end we need information to be shared among the event organisers;
– the EBL will consider action against cheats even if the offences occurred outside its immediate jurisdiction;
– the EBL strongly encourages cheats to confess – lacking a confession any sanctions will be much more severe;
– all EBL events are invitational and participation is subject to individual review by the EBL Credentials Committee, which can reject requests for invitation.