9th European Open Championships – The curtain falls


After two weeks, the 9th European Open Championships has concluded.
A thrilling final day saw the lead change hands several times before the allocation of the final set of medals was decided.




Open Pairs podium:                 

1. Jerry Stamatov (Bulgaria) – Diyan Danailov (Bulgaria)
2. Philippe Soulet (France) – Herve Vinciguerra (France)
3. Thomas Bessis (France) – Frederic Volcker (France)



Jean-Paul Meyer I Pairs podium:                 

1. Baptiste Combescure (France) – Cédric Lorenzini (France)
2. David Gold (England) – Richard Mark Plackett (Wales)
3. Gunnar Hallberg (England) – Frederic Wrang (Sweden)


Jean-Paul Meyer II Pairs podium:                 

1. Nantia Salem (Greece) – Christodoulos Banikas (Greece)
2. Leonardo Fruscoloni (Italy) – Claire Alpert (USA)
3. Tor Eivind Grude (Norway) – Christian Bakke (Norway)

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