9th European Open Championships – Women & Senior Pairs Champions


Two more events have been decided with the crowning of the new European Women and Senior Pairs Champions.





Women Pairs podium:                 

1. Margherita Chavarria (Italy) – Simonetta Paoluzi (Italy)
2. Martine Rossard (France) – Anne-Laure Tartarin (France)
3. Katarzyna Dufrat (Poland) – Justyna Zmuda (Poland)



Senior Pairs podium:                 

1. Swerre Johnsen (Norway) – Ausmund Stokkeland (Norway)
2. Rune Brendenford Anderssen (Norway) – Helge Hentveit (Norway)
3. Vytautas Vainikonis (Lithuania) – Wojtek Olanski (Lithuania)

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