Guy Lambeaux 1949-2018


Dr. Guy Lambeaux passed away on Thursday October 4th at the age of 69. Many have known him a as talented Tournament Director and Organisor, in his home country, Belgium, as well as at several international Championships. Guy was passionate about bridge, using his many talents to improve the quality of our sport. For many years, his personal website LBX news, was the reference link in Belgium, providing information on the various competitions.
Leading the Ligue Francophone de Bridge for many years and administering the Royal Belgian Bridge Federation, he was closely involved with the development of bridge in Belgium. As soon as Bridge Base Online started following the major bridge competitions, Guy spotted the potential of this new window for Bridge. In the last few years, he was the point of contact between BBO and Belgian bridge. In June 2018, during the EBL Teams Championships, he was in charge of the BBO transmissions.

Someone like Dr Guy Lambeaux, who has done so much for bridge, will be missed by many. We all share in the grief of those who were close to him.