70th Anniversary of the EBL


The EBL has created a Hall of Fame to recognise the notable contributions to bridge of individuals from across Europe.
The individuals awarded at the EBL 70th Anniversary Celebrations are:
Benito Garozzo, Geir Helgemo, John Holland, Apolinary Kowalski, Nicola Smith & Sylvie Willard (Paul Chemla & Bep Vriend will receive their mementoes in separate ceremonies).
When he accepted his Memento, the legendary Benito Garozzo made a point of
saying that we would all meet again in ten years time for the 80th anniversary of
the European Bridge League.

Representatives of the eight countries who founded the EBL, Belgium, Denmark,
Finland, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, & Great Britain (which is
now sub divided into Scotland, England & Wales).

Bill Pencharz, Jose Damiani, Yves Aubry & Gianarrigo Rona

A special present was given to the 3 former EBL Presidents – Bill Pencharz, Jose Damiani and Gianarrigo Rona – and to the President-in-Office Yves Aubry.

You can watch all the pictures from the EBL 70th Anniversary Dinner Gala at http://championships.eurobridge.org/70th-anniversary-ceremony