Masterpoints awards for the EOC in Montecatini

The European Masterpoint awards have historically been heavily focused

on the number of participants in an event. We have now changed this, leaving the top awards the same whether, for example, there are 90 or 100 teams in the same category event.
Participation is still rewarded by awarding EMPs further down the rankings the higher the participation.
Furthermore, the existing scales for some events stopped e.g. at 10 EMPs. We have extended these further down, resulting in more pairs/teams getting some EMPs.
Some events have changed a lot in character over the years and new events have been added. We have adopted the scales to fit the present situation.
There were also some logical anomalies within, and between, some scales. We have attempted to correct these.
Finally, we have also re-arranged the structure of the scales for Knockout events to better reflect that particular format.
For those not familiar with the EMP system as compared to the WBF system it is worth noting that they are structured quite differently. The WBF uses different categories of points for the different Series (Open, Women etc.), only allowing rankings within each category. The EBL has only one category of points for all Series, instead differentiating between the number of such masterpoints awarded in each. This allows both an overall ranking, irrespective of gender, age etc., and a ranking within each category.