EBL Decision – Adjustments to rankings

Adjustments to rankings arising from the disqualification of pairs or teams after the end of an event


Team Knock Out Events.

The disqualified teams will be removed from the final rankings and those positions will remain vacant. Should both finalists be disqualified then the winner of the playoff for 3rd and 4th places will be ranked first and the loser of that playoff will be ranked second. Third place will remain vacant.

Pairs and Non-Knock Out Team events, whether single or multi-stage (such as round robin, Swiss).

All pairs or teams finishing below the disqualified pairs or team(s) will be moved up to fill the vacant spaces, and the relative ranking will not be affected. Awards (medals, prizes, master points etc) will be conferred according to the new ranking.

These rules will be applicable to all EBL events, future and past, where a disqualification arises.