TD course


The 10th Main EBL Tournament Directors’ Course was held in Prague in the first week of February. The course was very successful and 65 participants from 24 different countries took part. This course takes place every 3 years and in addition to enabling qualified Directors to refresh and improve their knowledge, also evaluates aspiring International TDs, and awards the titles of EBL TD and NBO TD.

The course comprised lectures, table exercises and tests, and in spite of the long hours there was a very friendly atmosphere. One of the advantages of these courses is the opportunity of meeting TDs of various countries, renewing friendships and forging new ones, and discussing problems and ideas.

The highest qualification of the course, “EBL TD” was awarded to three participants, from Romania, Germany and England; and a further nine participants: three from Poland, two from England, and one each from Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and Finland were awarded “NBO International TD.