General Condition of Contest


The General Conditions of Contest for EBL Competitions have been slightly revised.

1. The Blank Sections in the previous version have been removed resulting in renumbering of the new version from section 19 onwards.

Some items previously in the various Supplemental Conditions of Contest (SCOC) have been moved to the General Conditions of Contest (GSOC) and some items previously detailed in the GCOC will now be dealt with in the SCOC.

2. Items transferred from SCOC to GCOC:

Penalties for unnecessary slow play (Section 21)
Section 21 now includes a Standard Penalty for BAM events (Sec. 21.2)
Obligation to Remain at the Table and Finish of Play (Sec. 28)
Prohibition on Leaving the Competition (Sec. 29)
Appeal/Review Procedure (Sec. 31)

3. Items previously covered in the GCOC that will now be covered in the various SCoC

Verification of Scores (correction and protest periods)
Electronic Line-Up regulation