Bridge 60+


It is clear that the priorities of the WBF and the EBL are young people and high level bridge, and these priorities are right. But bridge carries many more values than a standard card game, such as an intellectual challenge and brain training.
The majority of registered bridge players , as well as bridge players in general , are seniors.That is natural if you consider the amount of available time at their disposal. The advantages of playing bridge when one gets old are: brain exercise to avoid or at least delay all kinds of dementia, and keeping social contacts that avoids loneliness, which is known as very high “mortality risk” factor.
That is why we should try to get as many as possible older people to learn bridge. Also, we must try to bring back to bridge those who used to play when they were young, and for various reasons stopped playing.

Further informations

If you represent NBO then just contact Marek Malysa in Poland by email or by mobile +48 790 622 200