EBL Investigation Committee Update


The Investigation Committee has now completed the first phase of its brief in relation to the three pairs already notified.

Evidence files have been completed and presented to the pairs involved for their response. Upon receipt of their responses and any exculpatory evidence presented, the files will be forwarded to the expert panel for evaluation.

The findings will be referred back to the EBL Executive Committee and, where necessary, the EBL Disciplinary Committee.

The pool from which the expert panel will be drawn presently consists of David Bakhshi, Jon Baldursson, Per-Ola Cullin, Bas Drijver, Andrey Gromov, Alain Levy, Zia Mahmood, Marion Michielsen, Fernando Piedra, Jacek Pszczola and Peter Schaltz.

An investigation into the activities of a fourth pair has been commenced.