Workshop Summary


Alicante, Spain. Thursday 29/1/15 to Sunday 1/2/15

A record 50 participants from 15 European countries took part in the workshop, aimed at improving the knowledge and performance of experienced local  tournament  directors.

The workshop took place over 3 ½ very intensive days and included a test, 7 lectures and 8 sessions of practical exercises (simulations).

The workshop was led by Ton Kooijman  and Maurizio di Sacco, chairman and member respectively of the WBF Laws Committee, and organised by Eitan Levy and Peter Eidt, chairman and secretary respectively of the EBL Tournament Directors’ Committee. Five experienced international directors were tutors for the practical exercises.

 That the workshop achieved its goals can be seen in the results of the survey conducted at the end of the course: only one felt that he/she would not be a better TD as a result of the course.

Marieke Quant and Tom Cornelis received an A+ grade while Per Nordland, Dirk Pieters, Adam Magyar, Rene’ Stienen, Dror Shiftan, Alan Hill, Martin Verstraelen and Olivier La Spada received an A grade. They will be invited to the next EBL International TD training course planned for 2016. Congratulations to all of them!

Pictures from the TD Workshop: